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New train and names – Ma tara – Lala Mati | Kolkata West Bengal

New train and names – Ma tara – Lala Mati

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Mamata’s new train and the names. The names include her sloagn Ma, Mati, manush. Names are Ma tara, Lala Mati, Matri Bhumi etc. We are not kids. Today you lanuch a new train and tomorrow some one move that btrain to Bihar. They way you move a train to Bnagla. The same way Laluji can take that to Bihar.

Note: this news came out through Start Anada. What’s the realtion between ABP and Ms Mamata so alll news related to Ms Mamata comes first to ABP?

Asking Ms Mamata? Do you know the actual problems in Indian rail?

  1. No safety
  2. Ma mati Manaus travel sitting infront of the toilet
  3. Poor technology in traffic and safety. So you can’t avoid accidents.
  4. Speed of super fast trains – average speed is 50km/hr
  5. Train lines are open to all so accidents every day. You can avoid through censor
  6. etc

There are many thing to do to improve the infrastructure instead of launchging new train just before Pujo. She says about vision. But what kind of vision can you expect from this almost illeterate lady?

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One Response to “New train and names – Ma tara – Lala Mati”

  1. w2earnAugust 30th, 2009 - 10:26 pm

    Don’t worry. People are smart especially Bengali people. They understand who is doing what. They know what Star Ananda and Anandabazar is doing and what’s the intention of Ms. Mamata. Whatever ABP is doing that’s for money but they are loosing their brand value. regarding Ms Mamata. She will find it tough to run a govt in first 1 year itself. What ever she has done for power would be against him when she will start her work.

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