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Content writing jobs – work from home | Kolkata West Bengal

Content writing jobs – work from home

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India got people who know English and that’s the strength of Indian. If you know little English then you must start improving it. Once you know proper English (written and verbal) , you can multiple opportunities.  BPO and KPO industry looking for smart people who know English. You can even manage a full time job.

If you know little English then  you can opt for content writing option where you start writing few line every day and start communicating with people. In that way you improve your skill day by day. There are multiple part time content writing jobs are available in the market. Most of the cases you earn if your article perform well. Some cases you get monet per post and also earn from them as per their performance.

Start building your portfolio as a content writer today. You can start writing blog post on this site and later you can show these post to your recruiter who can be impresses on your written skill and can offer a part time content writing job.

How much can you earn? Unlimited. This totally depends on your written skill. There are people who earn $500 USD per month from there blog posts.

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