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Duranata Express Train on Dussera | Kolkata West Bengal

Duranata Express Train on Dussera

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Today Duranata Express Train started it’s first journey. It’s a Dussera gift by Ms Mamata. Only thing missing was Mamata Di’s marketing effort due to Maharashtra election. But Star Anada tried to do it’s duty. Start Ananda didn’t cover the fact that in 1997 DGMS, Dhanbad had declared 171 locations dangerous & unsafe in Raniganj Coalfields in W. Bengal and Jharia Coalfields in Jharkhand. The railway tracks running to North India from Howrah & Sealdah Railway Stations stand on these dangerous zones of the two coalfields.

In order to earn narrow political mileage adamant Railway Minister Ms Mamata wants to introduce “DURANT EXPRESS” from Howrah & Sealdah to New Delhi without considering minimum safety aspect of innocent passengers. Will railway tracks standing on land vulnerable to subsidence and landslide will be able to withstand the speed of  DURANT EXPRESS?

Ms Mamata doesn’t care about that because she doesn’t belive in Ma Mati Manush (her slogan). Star Anada, could you please ask your Didi why she is doing that? If some thing happens then she would be resposible for that.

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