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Siliguri election result favours Trinmool Congress-Cong alliance | Kolkata West Bengal

Siliguri election result favours Trinmool Congress-Cong alliance

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TMC-Cong alliance won 29 and Left front 17, Independent 1. This is a mandate in favor of the notion of Change, that is very much welcome. In democracy change is must but why Bengal people was supporting left for last 32 years? Why they don’t like Left? In Siliguri I think municipal works has occurred splendid. People want to teach a left the lession that the must realize now. It will help left to shape itself up, and re-build itself firmly, pruning un-wanted objects from the party.

Regarding TMC, they shouldn’t think that people like them. TMC is not a better alternative but that’s the only option. People can’t trust any other brand like Nirdal. They know Left, TMC-Cong. They want a change ans that’s the reason it’s TMC-Cong.

Do you think TMC-Cong can retain this support from west bengal people for long time? They can if they try to build their organization. They don’t have proper leaders so building a party without honest leaders is tough. In absense of Ms Mamata you can’t even imagine a party like TMC. TMC party workers must learn the lession and be polite to retain this support but most them are in TMC to avail some advanatges. TMC camup with anti left thought in mind but once they come in power they must have proper vision. Their party workers must follow that. This would be very tough for a party like TMC. What do you think?

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