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BHEL at Singur but Mamata wants 400 acres | Kolkata West Bengal

BHEL at Singur but Mamata wants 400 acres

Posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2009 and is filed under Kolkata. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

BHEL wants to setup a factory at Singur but Mamata wants 400 acres. Mamata and her channel partners are trying hard to publicise that Madam Mamata will now allow any factory there and she wants her rail wagon factory at Singur. In west ben gal there are so much of land. Mamata herself say that there is no industry, there is no agriculture (you can find mamata speaking this on star ananda) so why she is thinking about agricultural land? Let BHEL setup their factory and Mamata can set up her rail factory just opposite to that. You can find agriculture is not a profitable business at Singur, just see the financial condition of Singur people.

There is no logic. Mamata’s brain run with very old processor so if you ask more question she will start saying that you are CPM’s dalal because her brain can’t process those question. Star Aanada help her by not askling any logical question. They are her channel partner. Whatever she says they just need to broadcast that.

People let’s start speaking against these nonsense. These corrupted politicians, media houses are spoiling Bengal. There is no logic that can support these activities.

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One Response to “BHEL at Singur but Mamata wants 400 acres”

  1. w2earnNovember 14th, 2009 - 9:07 am

    If Mamata can go ahead based on Singur and Nandigram then why not left? In both the cases they have shown negative attitude and they have put their effort against industrialization.

    People are not happy and that’s true. In a country like India you can find most of the people live under poverty line. In such situation left tried their best in land reform and they tried hard for industrialization. There are so much of land (most of the are agricultural) and farmers know how much they get from that land. If Tata or BHEL want to setup their industry then people in that area should welcome that. They must come out and offer more land not only 600 acres. Tata has power to change the geography of any location. Few people (not most of them) in Singur are supporting Mamata and forced Tata to move their plant.

    Why this lady is asking for 400 acres? If some farmer wants land then buy land and give it to them from some other area. What’s the logic behind this 400 acres? Did you find Mr Suman and any of the journalists in Star Ananda asking that to Mamata. People say Star Anada is most corrupted news channel. That’s the truth. if they say they are some marketing media and not a news channel then that’s fine but they say “Ja ghote amra ta dekhai, ja rote ta na” basically the truth is reverse. They show some news which is related to Mamata and then start promoting Mamata. Now also they are trying to promote Mamata by showing 2/3 nonsense people who wants Mamata’s rail factory in Singur but not Tata or BHEL. They never asked them why they are asking that? As a journalist they never ask proper question instead try to promote Mamata.

    God is there and soon ABP will find their way out. One media house can’t be so popular with this attitude. People will find the truth soon. Also Mamata can’t be a long runner so after 5/6 year they have to change their stand and talk about the truth.

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