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Ma matir lorai not ma mati manush (via postie) | Kolkata West Bengal

Ma matir lorai not ma mati manush (via postie)

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This was published on telegraph about what Mamata sees not the journalist. Journalists can’t see because they see through the money piad to them by Media houses.

If Mamata say sun is moving around the earth then that’s correct and that would be breaking news on ABP channels and news papers.

Mamata says marxist and maoists are working together. If this is true then why maoists are killing marxist every day in lalgarh? Mamata’s reply would be its a false play like the jatra MA MATIR LORAI which was hosted by TMC after Mamata’s meeting at sonachura Nandgram. What do you think about this false jatra playing by TMC and ther channel partners?
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