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Light went off at Eden Breaking news on star anada (via postie) | Kolkata West Bengal

Light went off at Eden Breaking news on star anada (via postie)

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Today I was following all stories on star anada. First thing light went off at Eden, Mamata went to eden to resume the play, ministers didn’t go through security check but Sunil Gavaskar was asked for the pass and Mamata is unhappy.

Its like you need to add Mamata in every alternate line. This is a news channel, can you believe it?

Note there were no coverage on the cricket match (after Indias victory). But Mamata dis travel to eden was thoroughly covered.

Few days back in front of Suman Mamata di was naming some one chamar. I feel this word is applicable for Suman and the channel.

What do you think? You must raise your voice when one of the pillar of democracy that is media is corrupted.

I believe media has to be more interactive so they get proper reply from audience instead playing stupid stories whole day.

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