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Maoist supporters in west bengal | Kolkata West Bengal

Maoist supporters in west bengal

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It’s a big debate in Bengal. Mamata banerjee says Maoist and Marxists are same and Left sent evidence to PM of India to prove the link between Maoist and TMC.

Lets attach some image which can give us some idea about the Maoist supporters in Bengal. Some of these supporter says they are worried about the poor people in lalgarh. In last 30 years these people never went to help the poor people instead they are more sympathetic to their friends and relative in Bangladesh. People in west Midnapur are the people with west bengal root. They have been neglected for long time and Maoists are trying their best to utilize this. Pseudo intellectuals are probably trying to find a plot on which they can produce a movie that can be send for some award.



Source of the images: misuseofir.blogspot.com

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