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Music Album to help Maoist by MP Kabir Suman | Kolkata West Bengal

Music Album to help Maoist by MP Kabir Suman

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This is nothing new in Bengal though this is unexpected from a MP. This proves the link between Maoist and TMC. Trinomuli blood cries for Maoist but not for the people killed every day by maoist.

The only problem with these people is Priority Analysis. Which one is first required? Stop killing or help Maoist. People like kabir Suman, Mamata, Mahasweta Devi, Human right organizations etc are more worried about maoist than the killing of common people. Their trinomuli (AKA Talibani) blood cries for Maoist but not for those common people killed every day by Maoist.

Raise your voice against these pseudo intellectuals. Any logical brain or human with little common sense can’t support such effort by a respectable PM of India.

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