Flowers for TMC criminals (via postie)

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I was surprised to see this on anandabazar patrika. Thhey normally try to support TMC Cong people but I think TMC talibanis are crossing the boundary and people can’t afford that.

TMC head always say santi chai. But when she say that you can find her as a symbol of ashanti.

Coming to the news, TMC leaders like Golam gaush and Bamdeb mondals are congratulated by TMC party members for their contribution to TMC killing machine. You can read the news on 6th page of today’s anadabazar patrika.

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  1. I think people here are becoming confused. We have people saying that Anandabazaar is the media partner of the TMC; how come this same media house is writing such things against TMC ? Confusing isn’t it???

  2. I think this was published on some inner page. ABP generally doesn’t highlight that. To run their business as media house they need to publish these new but they don’t highlight these news.

    Can you find ABP hire people who speak for left. Follow their talk show on star anada. You can find they have expert who always speak against left. They never allow left to speak loud. They take break when people start speaking for left.

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