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Singur Bill predicts the future of West Bengal (via postie) | Kolkata West Bengal

Singur Bill predicts the future of West Bengal (via postie)

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Let’s start with very basic statistics. More that 50% indians are BPL. Any govt state or center must think about these people first.

Why is the 400 acre round figure comes from? It tell us the characteristic of Ms Mamata. There were 15% farmer who participated Mamata’s campaign. The land given by them don’t add upto 400 acres. Rest of the people were fine with the project. These 15% people can purchase farm land near that area with compensation they got from Govt. That’s not the logic. Basically there were no logic behind this movement except to create problem and brainwash ma mati manush.

Think about the return, job opportunity out of 1000 acre land in a year from agriculture and industry like Nano. Think about the % of land used in industry in that area conpare to % land used in agriculture. Can’t we invest 10% of our land for industry?

Who will think all these? This is all about politics and paid news by our honest reporters!

Don’t you think this predicts our future? Do share your thoughts.

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