Admission to private engineering colleges in west bengal

Admission to private engineering colleges in west bengal

There is not a single name of any private enginnering college of west bengal in the AIEEE counselling participating institutes’ list.  15% intake is through AIEEE in most of the west bengal private engg. colleges. How do they take admission thru AIEEE? Do they conduct their own counselling or they take admission thru aieee during WBJEE counselling? Please help…

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  1. You’ve got it all messed up.

    Your state colleges have a certain number of seats reserved for AIEEE candidates like you. For these seats, your state entrance exam plays no role. The merit list for such seats is prepared on the basisi of your AIEEE marks and therefore these seats come under AIEEE quota. YES, the conduct their own counselling for these seats and this counselling is not at all related to your AIEEE or WB-JEE counselling.

    The AIEEE counselling will be held at your state NIT (Durgapur). There, only AIEEE marks will be looked at.

    Similarly, the WB-JEE counselling will be separate from these counselling sessions.

    AIEEE counselling covers all the NITs and those colleges who want to take their students through their AIEEE counselling. It is to be noted that these colleges (not the NITs) might have other quotas.

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