Anandabazar/ABP is trying hard to hide Mamata Maoist Link (via postie)

Bookmark this category Today I was reading this article on anandabazar patrika. The focus is totally changed. The article has been written in such a way that Mamata got some certificate and she doesn’t have any connection or soft corner for maoist. But what’s the fact? She say there is no maoist in bengal. She […]

Unemployement in Kolkata west bengal

Unemployement in Kolkata west bengal – In current market condition there are very few jobs avilable for only extremely talended people. Find the recruitment status in all Engg colleges in west bengal. Even people in JU are not happy with their job offers. Now what’s the alterative? Politics? Yes, people in bengal invested their time […]

Three people in a car tried to kill me: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee and her party claimed that “Three people in a car tried to kill her”. Later it was found they are reporters of 24Ghanta. We all know about the relation between Mamata Banerjee and 24Ghanata. In most of the press cong Mamata doesn’t allow 24Ghanata. This is because 24Ghanta doesn’t report the news in […]

Jadavpur University campus under police scanner

Jadavpur University campus under police scanner, I was reading this on TOI. West bengal state government is concerned over increased Maoist activities in Jadavpur University (JU) and some other city institutes. In JU DSF (They support Naxalism) is most powerful student union powered by Engg students. DSF claims – Free education in JU, They protest […]

Rail Minister Ms Mamata supporting Maoist activities on start ananda

Few days back journalist were protesting against the arrest of Chatradhar Mahato. Today star anada reporter Suman Dey just say hmm hmm when Ms Mamata talks. This is the height of journalism. People say journalism is noble profession but do you protest when a journalist works as a party worker? But you can see people […]

Kolkata web hosting and website design

Kolkata web hosting and website design – India’s web hosting market is still not so mature. If you compare with USA then you can find there are very few websites from India and very few hosting companies from India providing operation. This is because internet is not yet available to most of the Indians living […]