Music Album to help Maoist by MP Kabir Suman

This is nothing new in Bengal though this is unexpected from a MP. This proves the link between Maoist and TMC. Trinomuli blood cries for Maoist but not for the people killed every day by maoist. The only problem with these people is Priority Analysis. Which one is first required? Stop killing or help Maoist. […]

Industry friendly Mamata invited by magrial group in USA

Bookmark this category Today I found this report on pratidin where this media house trying to certify Mamata as Industry friendly celebrity because of her nano effort at Singur. You can find these media houses are trying their best to promote Mamata using certification method like intellectuals say Mamata is great. USA organization invite Mamata […]

Subhaprasanna babu one of the intellectuals

These days you can find some kind of certification going on in Kolkata. Media houses say kolkata intellectuals say XYZ etc. This kind of promotion you can find more on Medias those are directly supporting TMC. Ms Subhaprasanna babu one of the intellectuals certified by TMC, Mamata and Media houses like Star Anada, Pratidin, Bartaman […]

TMC’s anti developement effort in Rajarhaat

TMC’s anti developement effort in Rajarhaat, it’s a question to all TMC supporters and all Kolkatans. State Electricity board has bought approx 10 kothaa land in rajarhaat for 4 electricity towers. Farmers have no problem but TMC and their few of their illiterate supporter always against this. What’s the logic? We all know ms Mamata […]

Rail Minister Ms Mamata supporting Maoist activities on start ananda

Few days back journalist were protesting against the arrest of Chatradhar Mahato. Today star anada reporter Suman Dey just say hmm hmm when Ms Mamata talks. This is the height of journalism. People say journalism is noble profession but do you protest when a journalist works as a party worker? But you can see people […]

Mamata’s railway infrastruture narrow politics

As usual start anada is showing the narrow politics of CPM bidhyak in North Bengal where all trains were stooped for 10 hours. Star anada is not happy. We are also not happy. It’s bumerang for Ms Mamata. She said CPM is trying to win the election with such activities. She did the same for […]

Mukhomukhi Railmantri Mamata on Star Ananda

Breaking news 0n StarAnada! It’s really breaking news. The lady is coming to to Star Aanda studio for he publicity. I say it publicity because you can’t find a single real question in that show. It’s like got up match. People would be coming and saying Didi, the new train you launched, is really helpfull. […]