Star Ananda news Content after 2011 Election

Star Anada one of the leading Bengali news channel has started broadcasting nonsense stories. Most of these stories go against left front. Most of their news reporter are proper fir for good mega serials. Are they journalist? Journalism vs paid News! Whats your though on this. These medias need money and the money is sponsored […]

Paid News Star Anada 24 Ghanta ABP Ganashakti

“Paid News” term was publicized much in our last assembly election. Which news channel is paid by which party? I think its very clear to all of you. How can you tell people about these channels in a country like India where > 50 % population is BPL. People are most concerned about their basic […]

CAB vs WB Police on Star Aanda

Who is responsible for the light outage on the India vs Sri Lanka cricket match? This new even started just after the light outage and Star Anada boss Ms Mamata (seems so)was offering her feed back direct from her way to stadium just after the incident. Today star anada wants feed back from their big […]

Duranata Express Train on Dussera

Today Duranata Express Train started it’s first journey. It’s a Dussera gift by Ms Mamata. Only thing missing was Mamata Di’s marketing effort due to Maharashtra election. But Star Anada tried to do it’s duty. Start Ananda didn’t cover the fact that in 1997 DGMS, Dhanbad had declared 171 locations dangerous & unsafe in Raniganj […]

Why no land for Infosys & Wipro – Anti Govt publicity on Star Anada

Why no land for Infosys & Wipro? Another effort by Star Anada to publicize the issue of Govt not allocating land to Wipro and Infosys. The trusth is because of vedic Village Govt is playing safe. They can arrange land from other location. The issue is different. These companies were not interested to launch their […]

Shameless bengali medias in Bengal

Do you see the color when media speak. It’s very easy to find. Journalist working for these medias are just like party workers. From our childhood we have trusted media firm like ABP and their Anandabazar patrika. Now Anandabazar, start anada, pratidin etc. are the electronic mouthpiece of TMC and Ms Mamata. I know nobody […]