Shameless bengali medias in Bengal

Do you see the color when media speak. It’s very easy to find. Journalist working for these medias are just like party workers. From our childhood we have trusted media firm like ABP and their Anandabazar patrika. Now Anandabazar, start anada, pratidin etc. are the electronic mouthpiece of TMC and Ms Mamata. I know nobody like this lady but they are doing it for money. Also they are targetting people who hate left.

You can find these medias never make any news without defaming left. So treat their people (AKA Journalist) as TMC party worker. Now if these party workers known as jounalists are attacked by people then you shouldn’t be surprized.

Today I was watching a talk show where star anada invited Mr Abhirup Sarkar, kakali Ghosh and others. Abhirup babu is finace expert who speak for TMC (It seems he is recruted by TMC and star anada to speak against left). Kakali Ghose is just a beginer. She doesn’t know even how to speak. Frankly speaking TMC’s party men don’t have any quality. Mr Suman, he is doing great job, next time he can manage a ticket from TMC. That’s the best professional than working with Start Ananda.

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  1. They are just like flag of different political parties. If you are holding Anadabazar, bartaman, pratidin then you are just like holding a TMC flag. If you are holding ganashakti then you are a CPM supporter.

  2. Anandabazar Patrika, Bartaman, Pratidin, Ekdin, Star Ananda, Kolkata TV, News Time, Mohua Bangla, Channel 10, R-Plus News, CTVN Plus……all are biased news channels???? All are speaking lies?????

    Then what is the reliable media??????????????
    24 Ghanta??? Akash Bangla???? Ganashakti????? Aajkal?????
    Comrades, There is a limit to lie. Limit to hide your failures!!!!

  3. i just wana say 1 thng dat…..suman babu iz nothng bt playng a role of mamta;s slave…..he thnkz fool pplz r sitng on d othr side….evrybdy undrstnd evrythng…..i thnk dey r getng lotz of bucks 4m TMC n america ofcourse..Mr gautam deb mention it while gvng an shmeful..i wish i cud hv said all dis on his face..itz so shameful work u doin suman……u sold out ur profesn….b a journalist….

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