Center says no to article 365 (via postie)

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As always TMC CONG and Mamata Banerjee demanded article 365 in west bengal because of the violence sponsored by all political parties and the brain washed maoist mens or animals. Not sure about their current status but you can say them animal because their brain doesn’t work and they behave like animals.

Sudip babu tried hard in the parliament but LK Advani said never think about art 365. Home minister said the purpose of sending the central team is to help state govt to control law and order in the state. Though all of us know this is due to the pressure of big Mamata.

Today you can see headlines by corrupted media houses to highlight TMC’s failed effort as a success. Never be surprised if you see TMC is successful in drawing the attention of center ete etc. But all of them got the answer on imposing art 365 in west begal.

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