Center says no to article 365 (via postie)

Bookmark this category As always TMC CONG and Mamata Banerjee demanded article 365 in west bengal because of the violence sponsored by all political parties and the brain washed maoist mens or animals. Not sure about their current status but you can say them animal because their brain doesn’t work and they behave like animals. […]

Mamata banerjee as a minister of Indian Rail (via postie)

Bookmark this category Mamata banerjee wants to see herself as a CM of west bengal. That’s her only dream. How she is doing as a minister of Indian Rail? She has used almost all her power to launch new projects almost every day. She has organized to launch even second phase of a project. Her […]

Hyderabad on fire by TRS supporters (via postie)

Bookmark this category This post is to tell kolkatans that only 50 people can put a city on fire and that destroys the cities impression. Same thing happened in kolkata and it was done by BJP people. Kolkata is famous for bandh but people in bengal love that. They never come out to protest against […]

Did CPM and left learned from their mistake? (via postie)

Bookmark this category Left front and CPM in west Bengal are scoring almost zeroes in all election. It seems their vote bank is still with them but TMC and Cong are doing great when they are together. But CPM and left front has to change themselves as per current socioeconomic situation. They may believe in […]

Bangladeshis in west bengal (via postie)

Bookmark this category We have seen the soft corner of all political leaders for bangladeshis living in west bengal illegally. Why CPM or TMC are doing this? They just want the vote of these bagladeshis. What’s the effect of this on west bengal? We have huge unemployment problem in whole india and in west bengal […]

Bangla bondh by BJP 12 hours Bengal strike (via postie)

Bookmark this category One more Bangla bondh by BJP. Today’s 12 hours Bengal strike for whatever reason. Reason is not very important as all strikes are to gain some political benefit by the party. Left was in power and they have done multiple bandhs. TMC may come in power because of their bandh, protest and […]

Service apartment in kolkata

I know there are good hotels in kolkata but renting service appt would be much cheaper than any other star hotel. I am talking about servie appr with class amenities that a star hotel can provide. Ideally service apartment should be in a township with all class amenities. Amenities are not so important for people […]

Industry friendly Mamata invited by magrial group in USA

Bookmark this category Today I found this report on pratidin where this media house trying to certify Mamata as Industry friendly celebrity because of her nano effort at Singur. You can find these media houses are trying their best to promote Mamata using certification method like intellectuals say Mamata is great. USA organization invite Mamata […]