Sidharta Shankar Roy on star anada (via postie)

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Recently you can find this forgotten hero of anti left people on anti left media like star ananda. In last two decades we never found this hero on media and left people have always shown him as a anti people CM.

But the time has changed and people want anti left govt so media houses also started highlighting these people. The point is Sdharta babu has asked center to start development in maoist affected lalgarh. Left also wanted development and tats the reason they have arranged zindal steel plan but few people want development stamped by anti left people. So its like politics in development.

Wait for few more years you will find development by Mamata di who is busy in marketing. She has announced multiple projects but do you track the status of them? Media doesn’t have time to do that. They are happy with money from anti left power.

Thank you Sidharta Babu for your letter to center. Please do advise Mamata di to speak against the maoist killer. It seems she is enjoying the killing of CPM party workers.

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