Focus area of new West Bengal Government (via postie)

Bookmark this category People feel good about a change. The slogan for change was voted by Ma Mati Manush. Ms Mamata wants her promises to be fulfilled. Singur bill to return land to farmer. That’s great but does it really help singur people? Next was the pahar problem. That’s also sorted out. It looks like […]

Singur Bill predicts the future of West Bengal (via postie)

Bookmark this category Let’s start with very basic statistics. More that 50% indians are BPL. Any govt state or center must think about these people first. Why is the 400 acre round figure comes from? It tell us the characteristic of Ms Mamata. There were 15% farmer who participated Mamata’s campaign. The land given by […]

Kolkata Fire at park street – more than 10 dead (via postie)

Bookmark this category Still the rescue operation is going on at stephen court, park street. There are more dead bodies inside. Rapid action force is in work. People are asking why such incidents and why fire dept can’t arrange a quick rescue operation? Why the old buildings are allowed to run business with proper infrastructure? […]

Recent Image of Howrah Railway station (via postie)

Bookmark this category How Howrah railway station looks like? I was watching lots of new related to railway improvement. I didn’t find any change. Attached is the image of Howrah 14 no platform. I thought it will look like a platform that you see in London. She said she will make Kolkata look like London […]

How local train of Indian Rail looks like? (via postie)

Bookmark this category Our most efficient railway minister Mamata Banerjee has been launching new railway project every day. Have you ever travel by a local train? How they look like? Please find the attach image. TMC head and railway minister has employed his TMC friend / certified intellectual Mr Subhaprasanna babu to take care of […]

Star Ananda town hall to blame left front (via postie)

Mr Abhirup babu whome do you vote for? We know Anandabazar’s chief editor vote for anti left parties like TMC or Cong. These kind of events are organized by media houses like star anada to promote anti left parties. If you see people attending these events are all anti left. So these discussion are some […]