CAB vs WB Police on Star Aanda

Who is responsible for the light outage on the India vs Sri Lanka cricket match? This new even started just after the light outage and Star Anada boss Ms Mamata (seems so)was offering her feed back direct from her way to stadium just after the incident. Today star anada wants feed back from their big […]

If you cross India Bangladesh border? (via postie)

Bookmark this category If You Cross The North Korean Border Illegally You Get 12 Years Hard Labor. If You Cross The Iranian Border Illegally You Are Detained Indefinitely in Prison. If You Cross The Afghan Border Illegally, You Get Shot. If You Cross The Saudi Arabian Border Illegally You Will Be Jailed. If You Cross […]

Ami Mamata Rail chalai dorkar hole auto o chalai (via postie)

Bookmark this category This is the recent breaking news. It seems people are bored with breaking news related to new train and project initiation function by Mamata. Now Mamata medias are on this slogan. Dorkar hole Mamata auto o chepe kaje jaan. You can’t blame those people on road because they are your minority vote […]

Light went off at Eden Breaking news on star anada (via postie)

Bookmark this category Today I was following all stories on star anada. First thing light went off at Eden, Mamata went to eden to resume the play, ministers didn’t go through security check but Sunil Gavaskar was asked for the pass and Mamata is unhappy. Its like you need to add Mamata in every alternate […]

Mamata offer free train journey to Sachin and Sourav (via postie)

Bookmark this category Mamata’s marketing strategy using tax payers money. Award some thing to famous people and be always live on the media trough award ceremony. The height of joke, Mamata offering free train journey to Sachin and Sourav. If sachin want he can offer free copter ride to mamata. Yesterday I was looking for […]

Anadabazar channel partner of TMC and Mamata? (via postie)

Bookmark this category This is a question to all readers of all ABP medias like anadabazar star ananda tv etc. See the heading mamatar khastaluke dhakaa khelo chatra jote. This is at the bottom but whenever they find TMC is winning they publish that on the top. So it looks like ABP wants to publish/highlights […]

Farm loan waiver to buy votes (via postie)

Bookmark this category In 2009 loksabha election congress party targetted few states and offered huge farm loan waiver using tax payer money. The stats were published on TOI. The huge money invested in farm loan waiver brought 33 seats in AP, 21 in UP, 24 in Maharashtra. In the attached image you can’t find the […]