West Bengal Medical Bill for Diploma Degree in Medicine

West Bengal Medical Bill for Diploma Degree in Medicine . This has been initiated by Left front govt so Star Anada has started broadcasting some debate on their channel. They have got few anti left doctor to speak against left front govt. lets have a healthy debate here on web with no political color.

Do we have sufficient doctors spread across India?

In city people are living in dense manner so they can find a doctor near to them. In case of village / interior village you can find people living in areas which is 10/15 km from the govt hospital or private nursing home. On star ananda debate is on medical bill but it seems doctors have come to talk only against current medical system in west Bengal to blame left front govt. My question do we have sufficient numbers of doctor through out WB?

I personally feel there is nothing wrong with this bill. In India we need much more doctors than the numbers we have. MCI doesn’t approve doctor who come with their medical degree from china. So it doesn’t matter if they don’t approve the diploma doctors.

What’s doctor have been talking

  1. Why villagers would be treated by diploma doctor? At this point they can’t travel 10/15 km to hospital to treat some minor issues. Govt can’t build hospital with MBBS doctor in each village. So they just buy medicine from nearest shop. So if the same medicine is subscribed by these diploma doctor then that would be much better.
  2. Can Diploma doctor treat properly? In AP I have seen MBBS doctors. I feel medicine shop owner in Bengal know better medicine than these doctors from private colleges. They are MCI approved. So whats the problem with these diploma doctors?
  3. Why govt can’t send MDs to Villages? Can you send a doctor to village who has spent 10 years of his life to get his/her MD? Can govt pay 5 lacs per month to a MD doctor. I know true MDs who earns more than 3/4 lacs per month.
  4. There is no proper infrastructure in Village? Most of our govt hospitals are over crowded and they can’t offer bed to all patient. So lot more hospitals are are required with proper infrastructure. But infrastructure can’t reduce the distance from people living in remote villages from the hospitals. Diploma holder can practice in interior villages and redirect patient to hospital when they find some thing serious.
  5. Doctor can’t live in Village due to lack of infrastructure? So doctors want govt to improve a village so it looks like city and then send them to Village. You can find them changing their decision as per their needs. Once they need job they will come to village and then leave the village in 1/2 years time. The hospital

Doctors earn much more in private practice than working in a govt hospital. They work in govt hospital to redirect patient to their nursing home so they can earn commission from nursing home. So think twice before you listen to the logic of these doctors. I know doctors who misguide patient for their own benefit. If we have diploma then their treatment can be reviewed by some one educated in medicine.

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