Taliban Rule by Maoist

Have you heard about Gana Adalat? Yes this can be organized by Maoist and their friends in forest area to punish only CPM party supporters. As per Maoist only CPM party workers are the criminal and they should be punished. What about TMC and Cong? At this point most of their party workers are from CPM. So will you stop punishing CPM party worker if they converted themself to either TMC or Cong?

Kisenji, what about the reporters of corrupted media houses? Can you punish them in your Gana Adalat? They are purchased and they write only for a party like CPM or TMC? This is a new idea and you can try when you find such reporter near you.

Kisenji, Stop this non sense talibani adalat and washing brain of villagers. You can’t help them as you don’t know the root cause of proverty in India. India has been ruled by Cong for last 50 years. How did they help India?

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