CAB vs WB Police on Star Aanda

Who is responsible for the light outage on the India vs Sri Lanka cricket match? This new even started just after the light outage and Star Anada boss Ms Mamata (seems so)was offering her feed back direct from her way to stadium just after the incident.

Today star anada wants feed back from their big boss mamata on this event. And what feed back they got some slang from this crazy lady. She tries to prove herself polite, peaceful and cultural. She tried that by naming the stations in the name of Uttam Kumar, Rabindra Nath, Najrul etc but her character can’t prevent her using words like Chamar, Goutam Mohan as Mohanbhog etc. Mr Suman her assistance never ask to stop this as he can’t speak against his boss. Can you raise your voice against this famous media house ABP. These people are spoiling the brand image of ABP.

People in west Bengal are smart and they will find the truth soon. They need alternative but Mamata never can’t be an alternative. Indian like polite people like our PM not people who speak a lot and speak offensive words.

Now coming to this event, why the light outage? There might be problem with the circuit or lack of power. What’s the cause of this? Star Anada don’t talk much on that but try to gain some political millage out of that. Other media houses are probably doing the same but I am viewing star anada so I am talking on star anda only.

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