Focus area of new West Bengal Government (via postie)

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People feel good about a change. The slogan for change was voted by Ma Mati Manush.

Ms Mamata wants her promises to be fulfilled. Singur bill to return land to farmer. That’s great but does it really help singur people?

Next was the pahar problem. That’s also sorted out. It looks like match fixing.

Next is maoist problem in Jangal mahal. Maoists have soft corner for the new govt. They are looking for good package.

Next transform kolkata to look like london! Cost of living in London is very high. At this point people in kolkata feel hard to survive because of inflation. Not sure if they need to commit suicide if it becomes like london.

Any package for Ma Mati Manush?
Yes. If they don’t get food then the new govt will provide them rice. That’s it? Yes, next election is in 2016 so at this point there is no need of Ma Mati Manush.

What about education?
Presidency will be restructured under the guidance of Big People. How this will help students of Bengal? They will get better education if they come to presidency. That’s great!
What do we need now? Only education or good Job?

For good job we need job oriented education. Do we have that? No! Then how it going to change the future of West Bengal?

You might have the answer…
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