Star Ananda town hall to blame left front (via postie)

Mr Abhirup babu whome do you vote for? We know Anandabazar’s chief editor vote for anti left parties like TMC or Cong. These kind of events are organized by media houses like star anada to promote anti left parties. If you see people attending these events are all anti left. So these discussion are some publicity but not a real debate.

Mr abhirup babu, have you lost your job? No, I think you have recruited by ABP and TMC just to speak against left. He is economist. I think he will manage a ticket from TMC soon.

Surprisingly star anada is playing a different card. Why partha babu left the debate at the end (remember not in the middle but at the end). Now certified intellectuals (intellectuals brand build by star anada) are telling Mr partha babu did it wrong. Next it would be Mamata who will say we don’t want strike any more.

Remember these crazy lady did all in Singur and Nandigram. She doesn’t need more vote so she is playing in different card now. Star anada is doing it’s duty to promote madam Mamata. Completly GOT UP Match!!

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  1. Town Hall is a heritage building with a historic hall at its first floor. It is a public property under the custody of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. It is hired by organisers including TV channels. The authority of Town Hall has nothing to do with the contents of the programmes of the TV channels hiring the hall.

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