Bangladeshis in west bengal (via postie)

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We have seen the soft corner of all political leaders for bangladeshis living in west bengal illegally. Why CPM or TMC are doing this? They just want the vote of these bagladeshis. What’s the effect of this on west bengal? We have huge unemployment problem in whole india and in west bengal this is more because of the huge number of bangladeshis living illegally.

You can find them in politics and they hold major govt posts in bengal. basically they are the soft corner of bengal govt or opposition and that’s the reason bangladehis get a safe home in west bengal. People in west bengal must understand this and they must force the govt and opposition to talk tough against these bangladeshis. Once they start talking tough then bangladeshi people will think twice before crossing the huge open border.
Medias in west bengal never talk about this because more than 50% of their stuff are probably bangladeshis. What bangladeshis say on this issue? India was divided and this is the effect of this. India was divided so bangladeshis want cross the border for generation after generation.

Even bangladeshis living legally in bengal should raise their voice. What do you think?

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