Did CPM and left learned from their mistake? (via postie)

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Left front and CPM in west Bengal are scoring almost zeroes in all election. It seems their vote bank is still with them but TMC and Cong are doing great when they are together.

But CPM and left front has to change themselves as per current socioeconomic situation. They may believe in marxism but current generation don’t care and they don’t want to know what is marxism. They need jobs. Mr CM understand this but he needs to be more efficient. Why mamata was successful in singur? They could have stopped Tata moving out by moving those protesters out of Singur. As a CM you need to be tough. It doesn’t matter what media says but people will understand your work later.

There are very few young member in the CPM party and they don’t want more liberal young mind in their party. This is the problem with them. There is no proper effort in developing IT jobs in the state. Look at Hyderabad, how it attracted so many IT companies in few years. West bengal couldn’t develop rajarhat till date. They must acquire rajarhaat land and develop it for IT and ITES companies. Kick the people out who comes on the way of development.

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