Mamata banerjee as a minister of Indian Rail (via postie)

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Mamata banerjee wants to see herself as a CM of west bengal. That’s her only dream. How she is doing as a minister of Indian Rail?

She has used almost all her power to launch new projects almost every day. She has organized to launch even second phase of a project. Her main effort is to be on news till 2011 election. You can find her talking about vision like kolkata as London. Now the question is about her vision in improving indian rail. If she can dream kolkata as London then why Indian rail can’t be improved to protect all travelers.

My question to Indian Rail Minister are as follows.

What measure have you taken to protect the railway tracks? Maoist can destroy the track any time. Do you have any detector that check the tracks automatically?

Sleeper class bathrooms are not cleaned regularly. Sleeper class is basically cattle class. You can find multiple people sleeping on the floor just next to chappals. What do you think about these matir manush? Your colleagues think about ladies hocker like air hostesses. Is this the top priority for you?

Why do your super fast train run at 60km per hour speed. Can’t you think faster train by improving trafficking system instead of launching duranta express. All train should run much faster than duranta express.

How do you avoid accident due to manual error? Do you have any automated system to correct any manual error?

I know you hate questions and you would love to talk only on channels sponsored by you. But india is looking at you. You can’t play with the life of indians only for your CM dreams.

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