Why no land for Infosys & Wipro – Anti Govt publicity on Star Anada

Why no land for Infosys & Wipro?

Another effort by Star Anada to publicize the issue of Govt not allocating land to Wipro and Infosys. The trusth is because of vedic Village Govt is playing safe. They can arrange land from other location. The issue is different. These companies were not interested to launch their operation due to recession.

Let’s discuss about the IT situation. CTC is almost closing, No project, no work. At this point you can’t expect a new IT company in Kolkata. Also the environmenet is not that good. In Wipro all good projects are handled from other cities but not from Kolkata. All major companies are firing people every day. Infosys and wipro is also in this list.

At this point even if they get land they can’t launch their operation. What they can do is holding the land for future use. land bank and the best real estate investment that can help them when they can’t survive from their IT operation. This is the truth that Mr Abhrup babu and Star Ananda knows but because of anti Govt publicty they would be talking about land bank and no industry in west bengal.

When Tata was leaving, this channel was supporting Ms Mamata. They were telling TMC has right to do that because they are in opposition. Start ananda was promoting Ms Mamata instead of telling that 400 acres of land menas nothing. The total income from 400 acres of land is just negligible. Tata has power to build a city so why are you talking about 400 acres of land again and again. See the situation in Singur now. Star anada doesn’t go there for the people. They just go behind Ms Mamata.

Can you expect ABP, one of the best media house in Kolkata just doing some thing only for money. They don’t have any social responsibilities. Their journailsts look like TMC party workers.

This is entirely my thought. Please share your thoughts here.

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