Tata Nano rolling smoothly, what Singur people got?

Now we can find Tata Nano rolling on city road. It looks good much better than Maruti 800. It’s great to see Nano on Road but the we feel bad when we think about Singur and west bengal. Tata is one of the most respectable brand in this world. When we find that company leaving […]

Mamata’s railway infrastruture narrow politics

As usual start anada is showing the narrow politics of CPM bidhyak in North Bengal where all trains were stooped for 10 hours. Star anada is not happy. We are also not happy. It’s bumerang for Ms Mamata. She said CPM is trying to win the election with such activities. She did the same for […]

Why no land for Infosys & Wipro – Anti Govt publicity on Star Anada

Why no land for Infosys & Wipro? Another effort by Star Anada to publicize the issue of Govt not allocating land to Wipro and Infosys. The trusth is because of vedic Village Govt is playing safe. They can arrange land from other location. The issue is different. These companies were not interested to launch their […]