Tata Nano rolling smoothly, what Singur people got?

Now we can find Tata Nano rolling on city road. It looks good much better than Maruti 800. It’s great to see Nano on Road but the we feel bad when we think about Singur and west bengal. Tata is one of the most respectable brand in this world. When we find that company leaving the state because of TMC (Tata published open letter that they are leaving due to TMC and Ms Mamata) that’s very unfortunate.

This lady is talking about industry now. She wants to set up some industry there but she wants to give back the 400 acres of land to farmers. First of all 15% of the farmer were against this factory and the 400 acres land is not correct. But this lady is crazy. It’s our bad luck that Bengali people support these crazy lady.

Let’s find out what Singur people got? Nothing? No industry. They lost their land. No jobs. Who is resposible? Ms Mamata. Did you can’t erase this from your political portfolio. This is one of your great achievements. This nano will always go behind you.

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