Maoist leader Kisanjit wants to launch campaign in Rajahat

Rajarhaat was the only hope for IT people in Bengal. Now after vedic village and current political situation that’s no more a hope. Today we found Kisanjit is planning to launch a campaign there. Few days back Mamata di said “Rajarhat Chalo” and she also planned to launch a campaign there. Now that has been out sourced to Maoist people. IF you remeber this Kisanjit told that they helped TMC and Suvendu Adhikari in Nandigram land movement.

We new there was a connection between TMC and Maoist but now you can observe that connection in Rajarhat. Just like BPO workers in India the maoist looks like TPO (Terror Process Outsoucing) workers in India. They get fund terror material from political patries and other terroist organization and continue their work in India. At this point they have been killing CPM so you can assume the funding is from anti CPM people. TMC doesn’t say any words against these people so you can assume a hidden relation between theme.

If these Maoist are for common people then they should be against Cong and TMC. You can find a single work done by these political patries for poor people in Lalgar. People in lalgar are suffering that’s true. But what was there before 30 years? Do you know that? In India more than 70% people are like people in Lalgar and that’s the truth. Instead of helping these people political patries are running behind power and Media people are running behind money.

Save rajarhat. help It compaines to setup there operation. Also IT people has a big role in setting IP IT industry. In any IT company approx 90% money is spent on IT professional. So if these people don’t show proper attitude then there will not be any IT company in Bengal.

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