Star Ananda: Most Highly Corrupt Media Channel

Star Ananda: Most Highly Corrupt Media Channel –  I was writing about 24ghanta misusing freedom of press. But, here is Star Ananda, the much bigger fraud in the media market. The media market is the most risk free and prospering business in India. Press gets a respectable level of freedom in India while reporting on any matter. Recently, West Bengal’s local bengali media channels have lost their impartiality and every channel has taken sides of political parties. And it is visibly clear enough and without doubts. 24ghanta is reporting in favor of Left Front, Star Ananda is reporting in favor of Trinamool Congress.

In my personal opinion, from what I observed since the last general elections, 24ghanta is still reporting in a better manner, but Star Ananda has fully indentified itself as a media agent of Trinamool Congress. Most of their shows bring politicians from either Indian National Congress or Trinamool Congress and their programs carry on massive propaganda against the ruling LF. In many such talks shows (if not all), they don’t even call the Left Front representatives to answer allegations.

Just after the Tata Motors went off from Bengal, Star Ananda conducted a few programs against Trinamool Congress, but very soon, they started changing colors. General Elections were nearing, and they got a hint that there is a massive support for the opposition in Bengal, and then Star Ananda decided to shift position and became completely a partial media favoring Trinamool Congress.

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  1. I have read this article on azadhind blog. I agree with this article. Yesterday I was watching star ananda and they were talking against CPM Govt on the decission of allowing one more floor in Salt lake area. There were logic is correct the current drainage system can’t support the extra load due to addition of extra 70/80 thousand people on the extra floor.

    That’s great they are concerned about salt lake people. But they didn’t cover the same story when Mamata di extending metro to Garia without proper infrastructure. They were broad casting the live program on Star Anada but they never showed that extension of metro to Garia require proper infrastructure in place. Also they never complain against the stations name in the name of Najrul, Uttam Kumar etc. You can dedicate a station to them but you can’t change the name of a place. Think if India is knows in the name of Mahatma Gandhi.

    But in Salt lake case they are extra sensitive. This shows the proof that they are the channel partner of Mamata Di & TMC and their main goal is to speak against CPM lead govt. Salt will get enough time to extend the drainage infrastructure because adding extra floors will take time. They never talked about that.

    I agree “Star Ananda: Most Highly Corrupt Media Channel”

  2. suman de faank taale bhalo maaal kamiye nilo…..he…hee… its a ‘graet kamao journalism’.

  3. I don’t support this thread and oppose it.U all die hard left supporter only listen what your leaders brain wash u.Go to public.Meet each and every people of every house.Don’t depend on party report.Try u make out the situation yourself.And then see what people think about u.Star ananda or any channel will do whatever they want to do.It is democracy.Go to china or russia rather to protest about this thing.But this is India.And what about 24 ghonta and ganasakti?People hate this kind of reason of defeat from left.Try to find some other reason.Thank u.I am not political person.I am a normal person.And u have to come to for the demand of vote.So rather depend on mass people.As much as u do this kind of thing “kutsa” , the distance between u and “normal” people will be increased.So realize it as fast as possible.Better late than never.

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