Student Politics & Party Union in West Bengal Colleges

Student Politics & Party Union in West Bengal Colleges. Previously there was SFI, CP, DSF etc in different colleges. Now TMC also want their union in colleges. If you try to see the pattern then you can find where ever TCM is there the pattern of fight is same. Now every day you find some fight in every college.

Let’s discuss, how these student unions help our education system? What is our education system in bengal?

  1. The graduation course offered by mutiple colleges are not going to help any student in their life except a degree. Now a days degrees are available online with out spending your full in in some unproductive course for 3 years.
  2. The social environment doesn’t show the right direction and information to young generation
  3. Now student union can help in upgrading our education system but what they have been doing? They are just supporting these political parties like TMC and CPM and destroying the college environment.
  4. These days people still look for govt job because they don’t find any better alternative. lack of knowledge
  5. People spending time in courses like BA in history, political science, BSC ( general science) etc. You can achieve your goal but that would be for very few people and you need to opt for higher study.
  6. Engg colleges are there but lack of infrastructure
  7. In Engg colleges the courses are not upgraded for last few years.

How can you improve the situation? Political leader are not educated and they can’t help much. Please help. Share your thoughts.

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