New train politics in west bengal

Today Mamata di told that don’t do politics when people work for the state’s developement. She has been doing great job by introducing newtrain every day and before any election. Don’t forget this lady set up her TMC house on the high way infront of Tata’s factory at Singur. She contuted that for 15 days, enjoyed good fodd and painted few cancvas there.

There is no problem with new trains. Also new train doesn’t help common people who can’t manage food for two times daily. If you really want developement then you must help the poor people in our country. That should be the first priority. If you see Kolkata Metro, she extended the line without out proper infrastructure now people are suffereing for that.

Lets talk about Gandhi’s property the big cong party. They enjoyed power in center for more than 5o years but what was their achievements? They bought the right of “Jai Ho” slogan. narendra Modi told the Cong party helped Slumdog movie winning the Oscar. With out Cong help you can’t see our poor people in 2009.

Black money amount of 1460 billion usd are in swiss bank. Mr Pranab babu trying to recover that but it would be the money of their friends because they enjoyed the power and money for more than 5o years. They say they are trying but that will not happen in next 10 years.

How do you help this country? How Mamata Banerjee can help Bengal with her immature brain and corrupted party workers. They are not in power but they have started demanding money from CPM supporter to live in Village where TMC is in power. CPM enjoyed 32 years of power because they were not corrupted before.

Do you really think TMC can win the next election. Chances would be less if party workers don’t control themself. You can find TMC’s connection in Vedic village incident.

What do you think?

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  1. We don’t find any new train in Andhra Pradesh. All new rains are in west Bengal? Shall we get them after 2011 after the state assembly election?

  2. What CPM haven’t done in LONG 32 Years………
    ………MAMATA BANERJEE has shown the way in her 1-A-HALY Years tenture as Railway Minister in West Bengal.
    She has reflected the meaning of DEVELOPMENT by virtue of her work.
    She has beautifully maintained a balanced between AGRICULTURE & INDUSTRY.
    Better,we stop critisizeing the RAILWAY MINISTER,rather focus on the positive side.


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