Strike by Jet airways pilots

The Strike by Jet airways pilots is symbolic to all professionals working in non Govt organization. In case of govt organization people don’t work properly but they are united and the are not worries about their jobs. These days govt employees are earning a lot and their job is safer than jobs in provate company.

On the other side people working in pvt companies are not united and organized. They can’t protest against any decission made by the organization. Jet airways pilots have shown us the way. If you don;t ask for your right then no body is going to help.These days there are lots of lay off stories coming up. Companies firing people who was once selected as performer of the month in the same organization. These stories doen’t come in public because that’s not good for the organization and the person who laid off.

These are the two extreme end. Jobs safe but people don;t work. On the other side people work but job is not safe. Things have to be normalized. Think about this. Pvt company employees have to be united like Jet airway pilot to keep them safe. What’s you thought on this. Please share…

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