Three people in a car tried to kill me: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee and her party claimed that “Three people in a car tried to kill her”. Later it was found they are reporters of 24Ghanta. We all know about the relation between Mamata Banerjee and 24Ghanata. In most of the press cong Mamata doesn’t allow 24Ghanata. This is because 24Ghanta doesn’t report the news in […]

Mamata Di’s marketing effort in Durga Pujo

First of all Happy Durga Puja to all of you. Thanks Star Ananda for covering the Kolkata Pujos. Star Anada was also covering Ms Mamata’s marketing effort during Durga Pujo. Suddenly this lady has become so soft educated and cultural. We do remember her past activities. People say she is more matured now but I […]

Star Ananda: Most Highly Corrupt Media Channel

Star Ananda: Most Highly Corrupt Media Channel –  I was writing about 24ghanta misusing freedom of press. But, here is Star Ananda, the much bigger fraud in the media market. The media market is the most risk free and prospering business in India. Press gets a respectable level of freedom in India while reporting on […]

Mukhomukhi Railmantri Mamata on Star Ananda

Breaking news 0n StarAnada! It’s really breaking news. The lady is coming to to Star Aanda studio for he publicity. I say it publicity because you can’t find a single real question in that show. It’s like got up match. People would be coming and saying Didi, the new train you launched, is really helpfull. […]

Bengali TV Channels available outside bengal

Bengali TV Channels available outside bengal Are you living out side west bengal? There are few TV channels available to stay in touch with west bengal. They are ETV Bangla, DD Bangla, ZEE Bangla, Start Ananda, Akas TV, Star Jalsha. What can you view on these channels? Bengali local News. Bengali Movie (in particulat time). […]