Three people in a car tried to kill me: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee and her party claimed that “Three people in a car tried to kill her”. Later it was found they are reporters of 24Ghanta. We all know about the relation between Mamata Banerjee and 24Ghanata. In most of the press cong Mamata doesn’t allow 24Ghanata. This is because 24Ghanta doesn’t report the news in the way she wants.

I was following star anada today but didn’t find any news on this topic. It seems Mr Suman & his team was not convinced by the stupid logic of Mamata Banerjee. I found Akash Bangala was protesting about the attact by TMC people on these 3 reporters. Read the whole report on TOI. (http:// Do read the comments on this news. Some of them are as follows

Devendra,New Delhi,says:There was no street lights, point to be noted first in right earnest. Hope Ms Banarjee not lying. How pathetic are streets there? Why these ministers are not taking care for things as a whole??
[14 Oct, 2009 1749hrs IST]

shan_tan,Kolkata,says: People tried to kill our Honorable Railway Minister at 1.00 am with camera in their hand. It’s funny, that they don’t have guns or bombs in their hand. What was the menu in the get-together?

Deepak,Bangalore ,says: I have a question Mamataji, Why did u actually stop your gunmen against firing at these men, I feel something fishy, this seems to be a gimmick to stay in news and gain some undue sympathy and publicity

Manish,IITK,says: I am more concerned about the safety of the three personnel in the white car who might have lost their lives in the so called would have been accident. Mamta you are just good for nothing. Always wanna be in the headlines. Come out of your publicity-stunt-mania.

Abhijit Sarkar,Pune,says: Who will try to kill her? She has already killed all prospects of the State. I guess she has run out of ideas to create sensation.

rajat deb,kolkata,says: sir Please do the home work before beleiving this lady (pure nautanki bazz)

Chirajit,Singapore,says: what a rubbish.. I think those press guys actually got scared just looking at her.. and were trying to save themselves from MaMaTa-ta… 🙂 This is reverse allegation..

So you can find out what people think about this lady. I hope people in Bengal will understand this in few months. But it would be delayed because of the dishonest media houses. You can find a headline on Anadabazar patrika that people tried to kill Mamata Banerjee. Simply people will belive the report without reading the full content.

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  1. Mrs. Mamata Devi, our honorable Railway Mins, I want to ask you one thing what is the number of Play or ‘Jatra’ (in bengali term)… I know you are really a good performer for long times. And what about your puppet actors like Mukul Roy, Partha Chatterjee…? Will they be the part of your next venture project… Ohh.. ho… I forgot, they are already their… to take up the director’s call…

    Recently, you have included the so called intellectuals like Subha Prasanna (Playboy Playmate of art & cultural industry… I am really sorry to feel about those who have learnt Art & Culture from you…) and so on so forth… How they are doing now when CID has found something from Chatradhar Mahato… I know they are totally busy with Press Conference to prove themselves out of all unwanted questions… They want revolution through 3rd party why not their own party…

    I know they have lost their guts out there…

    I am really sorry to put my above phrases to see how misguidances and misdirections lead the Bengal in very bad shape in last few years… It is unfortuante for ploitical climate in Bengal that either ruler or oppositon nobody is interested about state’s growth and development, they are not even interested to find out the way of common people’s problem…. Like, in these areas both are same. For last 35 years in Bengal, people didn’t feel the esence of over all development and liberal economy though this is the part of democratic India that is most becaz of bureaucratic administration slapped by Communist Government. They created ythe monopoly for them for last 30 years, but about last 5 years thay switched to fare bit liberal approach for the overall development… Then unfortunately other face of communism came into the picture with the word “Maa Maati Maanus”…. henceforth violent politics and uncertainty continues… No Bengal is facing the problem with lack of leadership… It’s not like that there is nobody apart from our Mamata Devi… But rather say they are not interested to take up call…

    I hope Bengal will come out from the situation of uncertainty and violence… with the right leadership… And will create an example to the nation with good governance and sovereignty.

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