Mamata Di’s marketing effort in Durga Pujo

First of all Happy Durga Puja to all of you. Thanks Star Ananda for covering the Kolkata Pujos. Star Anada was also covering Ms Mamata’s marketing effort during Durga Pujo. Suddenly this lady has become so soft educated and cultural. We do remember her past activities. People say she is more matured now but I don’t think so because she proved that she is immature in Singur incidents. She is selfish politician and having only one goal to become the West Bengal CM.

I would request Ma Durga in my prayers if she can do some magic so we don’t find this lady in west bengal politics. Mamata di celebrated id and now she is celebrating Durga Pujo. Only thing missing is the CM’s chair. Star Anada was showing, Ms Mamata belive in “Do it now” like Obama. keep star anada open you can find Ms Mamata in Breaking news every day.

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