Subhaprasanna babu one of the intellectuals

These days you can find some kind of certification going on in Kolkata. Media houses say kolkata intellectuals say XYZ etc. This kind of promotion you can find more on Medias those are directly supporting TMC. Ms Subhaprasanna babu one of the intellectuals certified by TMC, Mamata and Media houses like Star Anada, Pratidin, Bartaman […]

Duranata Express Train on Dussera

Today Duranata Express Train started it’s first journey. It’s a Dussera gift by Ms Mamata. Only thing missing was Mamata Di’s marketing effort due to Maharashtra election. But Star Anada tried to do it’s duty. Start Ananda didn’t cover the fact that in 1997 DGMS, Dhanbad had declared 171 locations dangerous & unsafe in Raniganj […]

Indian rail Ma Mati Manush and Mamata Di

BBC News reported that Train travel is unsafe in Bihar. This is true in all other citis like Mumbai, Kolkata etc. We can see this scenario every where. I observed this in Howrah where people risk their life and run along with the train to manage a seat. Mamata di calims that she can make […]

New train and names – Ma tara – Lala Mati

Mamata’s new train and the names. The names include her sloagn Ma, Mati, manush. Names are Ma tara, Lala Mati, Matri Bhumi etc. We are not kids. Today you lanuch a new train and tomorrow some one move that btrain to Bihar. They way you move a train to Bnagla. The same way Laluji can […]