Rail Minister Ms Mamata supporting Maoist activities on start ananda

Few days back journalist were protesting against the arrest of Chatradhar Mahato. Today star anada reporter Suman Dey just say hmm hmm when Ms Mamata talks. This is the height of journalism. People say journalism is noble profession but do you protest when a journalist works as a party worker? But you can see people […]

New train and names – Ma tara – Lala Mati

Mamata’s new train and the names. The names include her sloagn Ma, Mati, manush. Names are Ma tara, Lala Mati, Matri Bhumi etc. We are not kids. Today you lanuch a new train and tomorrow some one move that btrain to Bihar. They way you move a train to Bnagla. The same way Laluji can […]