Rail Minister Ms Mamata supporting Maoist activities on start ananda

Few days back journalist were protesting against the arrest of Chatradhar Mahato. Today star anada reporter Suman Dey just say hmm hmm when Ms Mamata talks. This is the height of journalism. People say journalism is noble profession but do you protest when a journalist works as a party worker? But you can see people protesting when one maoist activist was arrested (who helped killing innocent people).

Ms Mamata, Mr mahato is a active memebr of your party TMC. How do you explain that he has been working for CPM? What’s the logic? How can you run a govt with your poor analytical skill. Chatradhar Mahato was supporting maoist people who were killing CPM people. Find the names here.

Writers and actors are the only intellectual and asset of our country (As per Ms Mamata). These so called intellectual have been supporting Chatradhar Mahato’s activitries even today. This the only problem in west bengal. If you want to talk against left then speak even you don’t have any logic. Even today these so called intellectual are suppoted by TMC head Ms Mamata.

Ms Mamata, people are not so stupid. they are watching you. If they can vote against left then you may not be the exception.

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