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Kolkata web hosting and website design – India’s web hosting market is still not so mature. If you compare with USA then you can find there are very few websites from India and very few hosting companies from India providing operation. This is because internet is not yet available to most of the Indians living in India. Still website is another electronic media to market your business.

If you are looking for web hosting and designing service then you need to spend for web hosting space. Which would be at least 1500/- per year and website designing cost would be separately charges. What are the cost involved in launching your own website?

  1. Hosting – server space where you content would be stored. It would cost from Rs.1500/- per year for required space and bandwidth. Also you can compromise with low quality hosting. Because if your server is down then your website is not available to your visitors.
  2. Website design – Small business can design a static website. which would be fast. Only issues with static website is for every modification of content you need to contact your designer. Instead you can use a CMS where you would be getting a control panel. From your control panel you can modify the look and feel of your site and the content also. You can add as many page as you want. No extra charge for that.
  3. Search Engine Inclusion – There are mutiple SEO companies charging Rs.5000/- per month for SEO services. But you need to find a real one. Also you can do it yourself.
  4. Internet Marketing. You must spend little mony in marketing your site else you may not get any visitor to your site.

Launching a sucessful website wil cost you a lot. That’s the reason lots of small business can’t afford to launch their own website. Indiwebhost.com offers a Rs.999/- package where you get a CMS based website along with hosting. Search engine inclusion is also included. This is great offer for small businesses. Visit Indiwebhost.com to know more about this.

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  1. There are many companies in India who are using such websites for link back to appear top in Search Engine results, these companies are nothing but mere resellers of web hosting companies who do not provide sufficient support when a server goes down.

    These companies charge very little for the first year, but once you are doing business with them, you would find difficult moving out, they will never provide support, nor they will allow you to transfer your domains to a different hosting providers, and one day, these companies will sell your domains to buydomains.com or moniker.com and just vanish, you will be in big trouble as the new companies would ask for thousands, almost 200% – 300% higher, you will have no options but to pay if you want to keep your domain alive.



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