Subhaprasanna babu one of the intellectuals

These days you can find some kind of certification going on in Kolkata. Media houses say kolkata intellectuals say XYZ etc. This kind of promotion you can find more on Medias those are directly supporting TMC. Ms Subhaprasanna babu one of the intellectuals certified by TMC, Mamata and Media houses like Star Anada, Pratidin, Bartaman etc. There are more names in this list like Kabir Suman, Nachiketa, Bratya babu, Aparna Sen and her team etc.

Do you think they are the only intellectuals in Kolkata? Are they really intellectuals? I was viewing one speetch by Subhaprasanna babu. Mamata di has given him some tasks to find out how indians rails can be improved. Subhaprasanna babu has been missing air hostesses in her journey on train so he wants some female crue memebers similar to air hostesses on Indian Rail. Later he was telling ladies must get this opportunity and it’s his effor to provide equal opportunity to ladies.

Great Idea! Some of my friend say TMC belive in Ma Mati Manush but ideally they belive in different 3Ms. How realistic is this idea? He is more concerned about ladies crue memebr when Indian rail must think about the security and safety of all travellers. Trains getting derailed every day. Signals are no visible or there is no automated ways to protect passenger from manual errors. Better not to writer about these technologies because you can’t expect technologies knowledge from these so called certified intellectuals.

What do you think about these intellectuals??

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