Kabir Suman can feel ma mati manush (via postie)

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Now kabir suman can feel that there no difference between cpm and tmc. He doesn’t find any development but local tmc leaders want full control of his MP fund. Whenever he tries to talk serious people ask him to sing a song. Mamata di want to learn guitar from him.

The problem is he doesn’t want be puppet of Mamata like other people in TMC. But he doesn’t understand it’s Mamata’s personal asset where people can’t talk about ma mati manush only Mamata own the rights of Ma mati manush. Alternately you can think about Mad Ma.. Mans and there will not be any problem.

Mamata reacts to kabir suman by saying oni shilpi manush… Oni ei sab thik bujhen na.

Peopele what do you find in TMC? Can they take our state forward? I don’t think so.

I think we should start singing a song eki brinte duti ful cpm aar trinomul. This would be true attitude to help bengal. Narrow politics can’t help bengal. What do you think? Kabir suman is right there is no difference between tmc and cpm.

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