Indian rail Ma Mati Manush and Mamata Di

BBC News reported that indianrailTrain travel is unsafe in Bihar. This is true in all other citis like Mumbai, Kolkata etc. We can see this scenario every where. I observed this in Howrah where people risk their life and run along with the train to manage a seat. Mamata di calims that she can make Kolkata looks like London once she comes in power. But what about Indian rail?

Her main slogan is “Ma Mati Manush” mean She works for Mother, Soil and Human. But this is a picture of our brothers and sisters are travelling by Indian rail by risking their life. These politician and their media partners are just want to enjoy power and money. They never can help India and the poor people in India. In India more than 70% people can’t manage proper food every day and the Cong leader are travelling economy class to save money. If you remeber these people were spending hude money to hire copter during election campaign.

Jago India jago. Raise your voice otherwise you can’t provide a better India to you next generation.

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  1. I think Subha wants to say the “ma mati manush” slogan is fraud. This is true. I think people know that. Only thing people are looking for some change and that’s the reason they vote against left. They don’t vote for Ms Mamata. This is the truth. People may find the truth of Ms Mamata’s “ma mati manush” slogan before the 2011 election.

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