Lalgarh Nandigram movement

Nandigram movement is over. It was a TMC Maoist joint movement (Claimed by Maoist leader). Who benefitted from the movement? Mr Suvendu Adhikari and his TMC activist who has captured the whole East Midnapur and tried to burn all CPM party offices. Don’t go with any report just try to follow the incidents happend in last two years and what’s the state now?

Similarly in Lalgarh more than 50 CPM supporters have been killed by Maoist and you can’t hear a single word from Ms Mamata Banerjee. 2 days back there was fight between CPM and Maoist and we don’t even know how many were killed in that fight. Star Anada reported “ELAKA DOKHOLER LORAI”. Who is going to cpature lalgarh? Star Ananda and TMC-Cong don’t want CPM to take control over this area instead if Maoist kill people then they are happy. This incident was not even covered by Media properly. Instead you can find star ananda covering all Durga Pujas. They go behind money and that’s the reason people say the most corrupted media house is star ananda and ABP.

Every day CPM supporters are killed by maoist people. Those people are poor people and they don’t benefit out of any political parties but they have right to live in Lalgarh and lalgarh is in India so they are free to live like human. If maoist is going to kill them then they have right to protect themself. They have all right to fight against Maoist. Only policemen can’t protech them.

Who is Moaist (CPI-M)? Maoist should have soft corner for CPM people because of their “M”. But these maoist activist are not CPI-M maoist they are just activist like the people you have seen in Nandigram whose only aim to kill CPM. So it’s basicaaly TMC-Cong playing the game in the name of moaist. And Star Ananda is the channel partner. Star Ananda gets call from maoist but they never tried to stopped this incidents. People respect media houses but they don’t deserve that.

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