Star Ananda news Content after 2011 Election

Star Anada one of the leading Bengali news channel has started broadcasting nonsense stories. Most of these stories go against left front. Most of their news reporter are proper fir for good mega serials. Are they journalist?

Journalism vs paid News! Whats your though on this. These medias need money and the money is sponsored by rich parties like Cong and TMC + Cong. From 2009 onwards star anada has put enough effort to support TMC. Do you need any proof to support this statement. Didn’t you see Suman Dey traveling with Didi in election campaign?

Even after election this channel is promoting TMC+Cong. TMC +Cong don’t need to do any work if they can sponsor this channel for next 5 years. Some of their paid news content are as follows

  1. Didir Diary – What Didi is doing
  2. All Astra Udhaar Natak against left front
  3. Which celebrity meeting Didi
  4. Thought of any anti left intellectuals (defined by Star Ananda)
  5. etc etc

No content on suffering of Ma Mati Manush! Star Ananda is famous for drama which they define as breaking news, they way they define Kriti manush / bengali intellectuals.

Share your thoughts on any Paid news channel.

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