“I’m not a Maoist”- Kabir Suman

Kolkata, 7th May: Singer-turned-Trinamool Congress MP Kabir Suman Friday denied that he was a Maoist and said he only raised his voice against the oppression of tribals. “I am neither a Maoist nor a Maoist sympathiser. I have only raised the issues of tribals. I have raised my voice against the oppression inflicted on the […]

Kabir Suman is waiting for Mahashata Devi’s permission

Kolkata, 31st March: On Wednesday evening a meeting was held between the vastly admired Mahasheta Devi and Kabir Suman at Golfgreen flat on the purpose of Kabir Suman’s resignation. But, Suman stands still with his decision. However, he is waiting for Mahasheta Devi’s permission. According to Suman, “I want to resign but right now I’m […]

Music Album to help Maoist by MP Kabir Suman

This is nothing new in Bengal though this is unexpected from a MP. This proves the link between Maoist and TMC. Trinomuli blood cries for Maoist but not for the people killed every day by maoist. The only problem with these people is Priority Analysis. Which one is first required? Stop killing or help Maoist. […]